What's Your Goal?!

The Team @ Modern Mortgage does a Biggest Loser Competition every February!
This year we decided to offer it to some of our Facebook Friends!

When does this amazing thing start?

-Monday February 11th!!


What do you do?
-You join us in competing in a health and weight loss competition! 

-Entry fee is $20 bucks!

-Tom & Heather will match the pot!

-You text your weight in every Monday morning by 10:00am to 737.932.3328
(the actual weight is private and not shared)

-Your % of weight loss will be sent out in an email showing where all the competitors are heading!


What you win!!

-We give out prizes every 2 weeks to the current winners to keep everyone motivated!

-The prizes have been pretty awesome in the past.. FitBits, gift cards, healthy food packages!

-The top prize winners will be announced at the beginning of April!

-The top 3 will split the giant pot!

We have really enjoyed this in past years and we look forward to our friends joining in with us!

How do I sign up?!
-Please email jruppeck@hlglends.com 
-Jessica will then get you all signed up!


*The maximum amount of spots we can accept is 50 additional people!  We will cap it at that point.


*Please make sure you check in with your healthcare provider prior to starting any weight loss journey.

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